This Pure Silk Saree painted in metallic colors describing the story of Kandarpa Hasti.T Kandarpa Hasti is the heavenly elephant which is a popular theme in the context of art of Odisha. The numerous dancers are intertwined within the elephant.The saree body is full of intricate detailing in the elephant figures and is truly a masterpiece . All traditional jewellery is highlighted in each of the figures.

Pattachitra style painting is one of the oldest art form,It is known for its intricate details as well as mythological narratives.All the saree are handpainted by talented pattachitra artists of Odisha and it takes nearly 6 weeks to complete each saree. The detailing is unmatched and the saree is truly a prized possession.
Fabric Description : Pure Silk .


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wash care : Dry clean only


Handpainted Pattachitra Saree:Kandarpa Hasti

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  • Each saree is made to order only. Hence, there will be no exchanges or returns entertained.